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TAN works with the largest network of news media publishers, leading blogs and social media influencers for the UK and beyond. Our journalists, designers and video producers create professional grade editorial content to be amplified via our distribution channels for guaranteed exposure and engagement.


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  • TAN Media is the original and leading agency of its kind.
  • Content distribution services guaranteed to reach high quality news sites and blogs
  • Access to a leading community social media influencers.
  • We pride ourselves on our market leading service levels.
  • UK and International reach across all business sectors and publications.
  • High quality content creation services by professional journalists, designers and video producers
  • Multilingual content creation and distribution for 20+ International markets.

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By engaging our services you can improve your search engine ranking, increase brand awareness and engage online audiences using content they love.

Industry News

Native content passes consumer driving test

There was little to surprise those who have been waving the native content flag for some years in the findings of ‘The Power of Native’, a major study from the Association of Online Publishers (AOP). However, it always feels good when independent feed-back supports and confirms your own long-standing mantra. With 1,500 people approached in the […]

The secrets behind a successful native advertising campaign

As more and more publishers and advertisers are including native advertising in their current and future plans, we look into what makes a successful native advertising campaign. The migration to the native format is made up of a reactive driver, perhaps best summarised with the headline ‘display advertising is dead!’; and the pro-active driver that […]

Native – Honest, decent and truly effective advertising

Those who are old enough to remember the Beatles appearing on the Royal Variety Performance will also probably remember the scandal of subliminal television ads in the 1960s. These were ads that flashed across the screen so quickly that the viewer wasn’t even aware of them, but the branding was lodged, supposedly, in the dark […]

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