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TAN works with the largest network of news media publishers, leading blogs and social media influencers for the UK and beyond. Our journalists, designers and video producers create professional grade editorial content to be amplified via our distribution channels for guaranteed exposure and engagement.


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  • TAN Media is the original and leading agency of its kind.
  • Content distribution services guaranteed to reach high quality news sites and blogs
  • Access to a leading community social media influencers.
  • We pride ourselves on our market leading service levels.
  • UK and International reach across all business sectors and publications.
  • High quality content creation services by professional journalists, designers and video producers
  • Multilingual content creation and distribution for 20+ International markets.

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By engaging our services you can improve your search engine ranking, increase brand awareness and engage online audiences using content they love.

Industry News

About turn for native

About.com has been one of the first stops for those seeking advice for many years now and typically reaches 85 million users a month; the sort of channel opportunity that gets marketers excited and ready to reach for their wallets. But new man at the top at About.com, Neil Vogel, has taken the sort of […]

Keeping ‘prosumers’ content

Prosumers, which you have probably already guessed means something along the lines of professional consumers, have a lot in common with ordinary consumers. In particular, they share the fact that for the most part they are also human beings and, as such, share a common tendency to want to be respected, informed and entertained when […]

Native ads – it’s the way you tell ‘em

In a major study into what makes native ads work so well, the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau – comprised of over 600 of the US leading digital marketers, representing 86% of online selling) and Edelman Bernard, global market insights and analytics specialists, have confirmed what the instinctive native evangelists have always known – it’s the […]

Trying to get the measure of native advertising

According to a recent paper from Purch, the native advertising tidal wave continues to roll forever forwards, with predictions of spend tripled between 2013 and 2015. However, along with the tidal wave come some under-currents that are also worthy of consideration and discussion. The Purch findings show dual themes of increased commitment to native as […]

Remember – always take gifts for the natives

The native advertising consumers that is; those people who are increasingly the lifeline that is holding our media world together. While giving things away won’t necessarily stop your sales figures getting scalped, a little goodwill gesture can help you to bond with your readers and hopefully to encourage them to engage. Because engagement is the […]

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