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Native Advertising for Publishers

As a publisher, you have many considerations: engaging your audience, delivering useful and informative content, maintaining the right tone of voice, sustaining a loyal audience, and retaining a balance between commercialisation and editorial quality.

Advertising revenues sit across the entire thought spectrum.

Automated native advertising, or ‘in-stream’ content-based marketing, has fast become the best way to monetise your inventory without losing focus on what’s important to you as a publisher.A publishing partnership with TAN Media allows you to integrate with the leading True Native ad platform and a private native advertising marketplace. We ensure that brands appearing on your sites are the right ones for your audience and is an execution that keeps the reader within your domain, rather than clicking-out to a 3rd party site.

This execution of native advertising is what we describe as ‘True Native’.

As a publishing partner of TAN Media you will benefit from:

  • Best-in-class technology to support your own direct sold native advertising campaigns
  • Demand revenue from the TAN Media advertising client base
  • Instant monetisation of any US traffic through our US marketplace
  • Complete technical support plus dedicated account management
  • Access to the latest in thought leadership in native advertising and content marketing

Some key features of our True Native ads platform include:

  • Complete cross-device solution (desktop/tablet/mobile)
  • A/B testing of image and headlines to optimise performance of ad campaigns
  • Geo and device targeting
  • Complete support for any 3rd party tracking (impressions, CTR, CTA) and retargeting
  • Full reporting available on all engagement metrics for native advertising campaigns including headlines, images, click through rates, dwell times, engagement rates, social shares, video views and many more

Become a TAN publisher partner: Speak to our Director of Publisher Solutions