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Native Advertising

What is native advertising?

Native advertising is an online media channel, enabling brands and agencies to reach consumers within the flow of editorial on leading publisher’s websites

It’s branded editorial that matches the type and quality of a publisher’s own content and therefore engages readers whilst simultaneously supporting your content marketing goals.

Native advertising is one of the fastest growing advertising channels and is widely recognised as a solution to the problem of diminishing returns from current formats – particularly display advertising. It is clearly defined by the IAB’s Native advertising playbook.

New technologies have allowed the distribution of sponsored content to become automated, without compromising the customable aspects that make the channel so effective. Native advertising can deliver:

  • Brand awareness
  • Engagement
  • Credibility
  • Trust
  • Return on investment

Native campaign example

What makes our native advertising platform different?

TAN Media’s unique native advertising network is powered by best-in-class technology through our exclusive partnership with a leading US ad-tech company.

Our leading UK premium publisher network, combined with the native technology platform, means we can provide advertisers with:

  • High quality scale – guaranteed viewable placements positioned in the editorial feed of premium publishers.
  • 100% non-interruptive execution – resulting in more engagement and longer attention time. Native article pages are hosted on the publisher’s site behaving just like any other editorial content, rather than clicking out.
  • Most advanced technology – automated optimisation improves performance 5x.
  • Connecting content to conversiontracking and retargeting capabilities that can achieve 2x lift on conversions.
  • Optimised for engagement – automatically learning from insights and driving higher performance through optimisation.
  • Drives authentic attention – distributing branded content to relevant and targeted audiences.

The ‘True Native’ Difference

We guarantee your branded content is seen by relevant and targeted audiences to achieve brand awareness and uplift. Using our specialist native ad-tech platform, we are able to distribute in-stream, in context, into high-profile editorial positions – all clearly marked in-line with IAB guidelines.

Best-in-class technology gives you access to publish your brand content at scale across national / regional news, magazines and specialist publications, seamlessly adjusting the native ads to the style and format of the destination site.

Most importantly, our execution provides a non-interruptive experience for the consumers. Once users click on the headline unit, they don’t click off-site to read the article. The brand content is served on a standard editorial page hosted on the publisher’s site, keeping the user engaged in the same trusted environment.

Native advertising gives advertisers the opportunity to tell a story through long-form editorial in their brand voice and offer engagement with brand images, video and social sharing. And, of course, article pages will help drive and track multiple calls to action to the brand’s site or designated landing page.

What can you expect to achieve with our native ads?

Our ‘true native’ execution is proven to generate exceptionally high engagement rates – on average users spend over 1 minute of authentic engagement time with the brand content.

Optimise content to highest performance

All campaigns are auto-optimised based on response rates, shifting impressions to where users are responding to your brand content the most.

Through the native advertising platform, headlines and images are A/B tested towards high performers, improving performance by 5x.

On average we see a 0.5 – 1.5% CTR to the native article page from the headline unit (up to 30x higher than banners).

Robust targeting options for maximum engagement

Campaigns can be targeted to reach genuine prospects through contextual relevance, geo-location and device type, to ultimately ensure your content is seen by the audience you want to reach.

With the rise of mobile and diminishing returns on display advertising, it has become ever more important for brands to be in-feed. Find out how you can ensure your brand’s content is seen across some of the UK’s premium publications.

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