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Content Creation Service

Content creation

Quality, engaging content creation is the key to a successful campaign. We’ll collaborate with you to create content that communicates your brand message in a way that provides value to the user.

With access to our network of professional journalists, we can help manage content creation for you to produce highly engaging, well-researched editorial articles.

Whether your need is a single editorial article or a high volume across multiple subjects, we will carefully select the right expert for your brand.

We can start by analysing your brand’s existing assets, helping you get more value out of what you have already invested in, or work with you to manage content creation that will support your upcoming marketing campaigns.

Asset Analysis, content curation and curation, publish and share

Focusing on your campaign goals and target audience as well as applying our campaign insights and knowledge for best practice, our creative team will generate inspirational content ideas with the aim to achieve the highest possible engagement.

Content creation for native ads

Content for native advertising can be approached in a number of ways, some of the top most engaging articles follow these formats:

  • Listicle – information presented as a numbered list.
  • Album look book – a visual listicle, without the numbers.
  • Visual essay – focusing on visually compelling images.
  • Infographic – presenting memorable and sharing information.
  • Long-form editorial – Text broken up into short paragraphs with sub-headings.
  • Testimonial – featuring real customer feedback or reviews.
  • Video tune in – long-form content built around the context of a video.
  • Native video – you video front and centre, promoted in-feed.

No matter what creative assets you have, we will work with you to determine the best approach to meet your content marketing goals.

Find out how we can work with you to create a bespoke campaign for your brand. 

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But creating engaging on-brand content is only half of the picture. Without content distribution your article, video or infographic is unlikely to reach its true potential or ROI.

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