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Reporting and ROI for Native Advertising

Proving the return on investment (ROI) of content marketing has been a major talking point in the industry for some time now.

Our native advertising technology solves this problem. Reporting on almost every conceivable interaction with your content enables us to help improve your future brand campaigns.

TAN Reporting

More detailed reporting. More actionable insights.

The key measures for native advertsing campaigns is engagement and influence, these can be measured by:

  • How many people see the content (Impressions)
  • What content performed best – headlines, images, articles
  • The number of “reads” of the content (Click throughs)
  • How many people engaged (Engagement rate)
  • How much time was spent on average reading the article (Dwell time)
  • The extended reach of the content through social shares
  • Total video views, if there’s a video embed

Understanding these metrics will give you real insight into what’s driving brand engagement. And more importantly, will provide you with the insights you need to shape your future content marketing campaigns.

Content engagement drives conversion lift

As well as distributing content for brand awareness and uplift, our technology offers the added opportunity to use the channel for prospecting and retargeting.

Users who have naturally clicked to view the article, and then spent an extended time with the brands content, are logically highly qualified potential leads for the brand.

This 1st party data is extremely powerful when used for retargeting. With display, social and search ads you can remind prospects at a later stage, keeping them in the sales funnel.

  • An average of 1 minute spent with brand content
  • Highly qualified 1st party data for retargeting
  • Higher brand recall for other digital media, such as display
  • 2x lift in conversion to the brand site

Using the insights from in-depth native advertising reports, we can help you to improve your content marketing strategy by creating more engaging, highly targeted content to reach your campaign goals. Find out how we can help drive your content marketing activity.

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